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Dr. Richard Ansong | DDS, Prosthodontist | Dental Implant Surgery

At Northgate Smiles in Seattle, we are committed to improve and restore your smile to perfection by providing dental implant surgeries. Implants are an excellent option for replacing a missing tooth or multiple teeth. Best of all, implants have a very high success rate, have minimal downtime, and usually are covered by insurance. In this procedure, a titanium screw is placed and bone integrates around the screw.

A crown, bridge, or even a denture can be attached to the screw for teeth that stay in your mouth and look and feel like natural teeth.

Dr. Aylen places single unit implants and our implant specialist Dr. Ansong places multiple implants at one visit, performs sinus lifts, and complicated cases so everyone can have teeth they love!
Whether you need to fill missing or damaged teeth, our dental implant procedure is an excellent substitute for dentures.

Dr. Ansong’s most recent work as of May 2019: before and after. Look at that beautiful smile!

Contact us for dental implant surgery if:
  1. You would like to fill in one or more missing teeth
  2. You want to avoid using dentures and would like another solution
  3. You want more information on using implants in your mouth

Dr. Emam | Periodontist | Gum Specialist

Additional services at Northgate Smiles are provided by our specialist, Dr. Emam: Osseous guided tissue and bone regeneration, free gingival grafts, connective tissue grafts, clinical crown lengthening, aesthetic crown lengthening, sinus lifts, orthodontic exposures, surgical and impacted tooth extractions, ridge augmentation, implants and frenectomies.

Unlike other specialty dental offices, Northgate Smiles accepts most insurance providers, allowing our patients to receive comprehensive care at the maximum benefit with their insurance company. Contact us today for more information: 206-362-1516

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